Omega Petroleum supports oil refinery clients for the entire range of petroleum refining activities with laboratory testing, inspection services, infrastructure integrity, and other expertise.

From crude oil feedstocks to final petroleum refined products, Omega Petroleum helps refinery clients achieve higher production efficiencies, improved quality, and sustained profitability. Petroleum refinery expertise is available on a global basis.

Fuel Quality Testing  

Fuel testing for quality and performance.

Omega Petroleum labs test for fuels quality specifications, following ASTM, ISO, and other industry standards. Fuels analyzed include petroleum refined fuels, biofuels, CNG, LPG, coal, pet-coke, and other fuel sources.

Fuel testing laboratories support fuel quality control, research and troubleshooting for refineries, pipelines, storage terminals, aviation, automotive and other industries and operations. With fuel laboratories and offices located across the world, Omega Petroleum can provide rapid fuel sampling, testing, and reporting.

Petroleum Pilot Plant Services

Petroleum pilot plant testing, simulating petroleum refinery process units.

Omega Petroleum pilot plant experts help clients improve petroleum refinery production, quality and efficiencies. Omega’s petroleum and petro-chemical pilot plant capabilities range from crude oil introduction by desalting and distillation through resid upgrading applications. The refining pilot plants evaluate process and catalyst upgrades, troubleshoot refining operations, optimize production facilities, and prove the design basis for commercial applications. Omega offers the flexibility to adapt and modify pilot-plant units to evaluate a wide range of chemical, petrochemical and synthetic fuel processing configurations ranging from light naphtha to vacuum resid.

Omega Petroleum provides around-the-clock attended unit operations and analytical controls to permit timely, cost-effective and accurate process evaluations in its pilot plants. The pilot plants employ up-to-date automation, including on-stream analyzers, computer data logging and material balance documentation. The pilot plants include hydro-processing and non-hydro-processing operations.