Omega Petroleum “is committed to contribute to the strengthening of the national economy and development of the country’s favorable social climate conducive to sustainable and dynamic development of the business. By concentrating its efforts on solving industrial problems, as the company seeks opportunities to support social initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of people in the regions of its presence.
Social support staff
Caring staff – one of the key areas of social policy “Omega”. The efficiency of all enterprises of the holding depends on the emotional comfort and positive attitude of labor collectives, so the main efforts of the Company in the social sphere are aimed at creation of favorable working conditions, comprehensive support and improving the welfare of workers and their families.
As a responsible employer, “Omega” is committed to providing its employees with competitive salaries, a significant social benefits, opportunities for professional and career growth. On holding companies develop a comprehensive approach to staff motivation, which was based on a flexible system of cash payments based on the results of activities, as well as the various elements of the intangible incentives.
Social and labor relations in the Company and its subsidiaries are governed by the collective agreements that ensure employees a high level of social protection that goes beyond the statutory minimum. In the main company “Omega” list of social benefits provided to employees including subsidies on food, free medical care under the voluntary health insurance, participation in the programs of private pension provision, the possibility of preferential spa treatment and rest.
Charitable activities and regional cooperation
As a socially-oriented corporation, “Omega” considers it necessary to contribute to solving urgent social problems, to provide all possible assistance to those in need, promote and encourage positive social change in the regions of its presence. Annually holding companies spend heavily on charity and sponsorship activities, considering social investment as an essential element of corporate strategy.
The priority directions of the Company’s charitable activities are:
• support children’s social institutions and organizations;
• the provision of assistance to socially vulnerable categories of citizens;
• the development of social infrastructure of the regions;
• the preservation of spiritual and cultural heritage.